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Legal & Labor Law

“What If” Advice, Employee Issues, Discrimination & Harassment, and Corporate Legal Advice.

Usual cost: $350-$600/hour

Member price: $0/hour

Compliance & Training

Sexual Harassment for Managers, Employee Discrimination, HR Issues, and Sales Training.

Human Resources

HR Help, Wrap & Compliance Documents, Calculators, Wage & Hour Issues, and Employee Handbooks.


  • • Policy & Benefits Library & Law Alerts
  • • Learning materials & courses
  • • HR Forms, Checklists, Documents & Articles
  • • Sexual Harassment Training
  • • HR Resource Center
  • • HR Needs Gap Analysis

Information Technology

Network Security, 

Technical Assessments, 

IT Staffing Solutions, and 

Identity Theft Protection.

Workers’ Comp & Benefits

Injury & Illness Prevention Programs, OSHA Compliance Training, Reserve Review, Loss Prevention Control, and Experience Modifier Calculation.

Usual cost: $150-$300/hour

Member price: $0/hour


  • • Cost: 3-6% of premium
  • • Guaranteed ROI 1st year!
  • • Average ROI = 661%


Payroll, Tax Information, Purchase Advice, Business Structure, and Cash Flow Management.

Usual cost: $225-$350/hour

Member price: $0/hour


Employee Handbooks

An employee handbook is a document that helps your employees know and adhere to your company policies, while also helping your management to correctly apply rules to all employees. Our Evergreen Employee Handbook allows you to receive free updates every year so you save thousands of dollars and never fall out of compliance.

Usual cost: $3,000+

Member price: $1395 (save over $1600)

ERISA Wrap Documents

An ERISA wrap document is a required document under Federal Law for any employer that offers a group health plan (medical, dental, vision, life, disability, FAS, etc). If you offer a group health plan without a wrap doc, you are violating the law and are subject to penalties up to $110/day per participant or beneficiary for each violation.

Usual cost: $300-$750

Member price: $99

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